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David's Commitment to You


With a background in ministry and sales, David began his mortgage industry career in April of 2012. He is very passionate about educating people on the purchase or refinance of their home. He absolutely loves putting people in a new home and a better financial position.


Realtors and Builders choose to work with David as a referral partner because of his constant professional communication and candid honesty throughout the process. He understands that some of the biggest frustrations in Real Estate is when loan officers do not communicate with their referring partners and also when they do not deliver on the small promises made throughout the process. He views himself as an extension of the referring partner's team and delivers consistent results.


Clients continue to give excellent feedback about their loan experience with David at the end of every transaction. They know he values the relationship and understand he will do everything he can to make the loan process as smooth as possible.

David believes strongly in growing as a person, salesman and family man. He is professionally coached and knows first hand the power of a mentor. Self-development is a pillar in his life and he understands that in order to go to the top, it is better to be led there by someone who has been there and knows how to get you there.


David is married to an amazing wife, Stella. Together, they have 35 kids! Of course, they are not the birth parents of these children... They own and operate Home of Love Orphanage in Uganda, East Africa where the children are cared for, fed, schooled and trained up to be leaders in their society. David also loves outdoors activities like kayaking, hiking, and working out.

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